Organization of separate RSW collection system in the Ile-Alatau national park

In November 2020, a separate collection system for residential solid waste was launched in the Ile-Alatau National Park. Ile-Alatau became the first national park in Kazakhstan, where a full-fledged infrastructure for the separate collection of solid waste was organized.

Separate collection on the territory of the national park is carried out in two fractions: “dry” – processable materials (plastic, paper, glass, metal) and “wet” – food and organic waste. In total, the EPR Operator installed over 30 new container sites and purchased 135 galvanized containers intended for the collection of secondary raw materials, 90 green containers for receiving food waste. Each container contains information on the rules for separate collection in three languages.

Waste removal is carried out by special equipment assembled in Kazakhstan. The new two-section garbage trucks are designed for mountainous areas. The model was designed by order of the EPR Operator. The equipment has a rear loading and is equipped with a pressing system, the technical characteristics of the garbage truck allow one trip to collect both secondary raw materials and food waste.

More than 6,000 m3 of solid waste is transported from the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park annually. The management of the Ile-Alatau Park plans to bring the level of sorting residential solid waste in the park to 85% by 2030. Sorting of solid waste takes place in a waste sorting complex located in Almaty.

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Indicators of collection and processing of waste subject to the EPR:
28251 tons
252820 tons
Metal packaging
473 tons
Waste paper
116499 tons
62065 tons
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