Separate collection

Organization of separate RSW collection system in Nur-Sultan

In 2018, the installation of special containers for the separate collection of processable residential solid waste (RSW) began in Nur-Sultan. Separate collection of residential solid waste is carried out in two fractions: “dry” (plastic, paper, glass, metal) and “wet” (food waste, etc.). In total, within the framework of the project for organizing a system for separate collection of residential solid waste at 2,565 container sites (100% coverage of container sites in the city), 6,276 containers were installed.

New yellow containers have been installed to collect metal, plastic, glass, waste paper and small-sized electronic equipment. Green containers are intended for the rest of the residential solid waste. The yellow containers are maintained by 25 new units of specialized equipment of domestic production of the Iveco brand. The collected secondary raw materials are processed at a Waste Processing Plant in Nur-Sultan. The project for the organization of systematic collection of residential solid waste was developed within the framework of the Memorandum of mutual cooperation between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Akimat of Nur-Sultan and EPR Operator LLP.

More than 300 thousand tons of residential solid waste is formed in the capital annually, which is almost 1,000 tons per day. Of this volume of waste, 45% (depending on the season) is secondary raw materials suitable for processing. At present, the depth of solid waste processing in the capital is about 10%, the introduction of separate waste collection will increase this figure to 25%.

In order to promote the separate collection of solid waste in the capital, information and educational work with the population is being carried out. It is planned to organize special environmental events, master classes on the separate collection of solid waste in residential complexes, carry out of environmental lessons in educational institutions and demonstrate social videos promoting the separate collection of solid waste.

The implementation of a pilot project on separate collection will allow reducing the volume of landfills, developing the processing industry in the country, preserving and saving natural resources.

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